Jean-Manuel Simoes was born in 1964 in a Paris suburb, to an immigrant Portuguese family.
This multi cultural background later proved to be a great influence on his work.
It was not until 1998 that he decided to become a full time photographer
having previously studied business.

His relationship with photography is characterized by a reverence for the development process.
The nobility of the manual labour in this decisive step is where the essence of his work is revealed.

Jean-Manuel has been the récipient of many prestigious awards including :
The Investigatory Photography Award " for Dogs Scrap ", Scoop Festival, Angers
The Photojournalism Award for « The Sarko-Show , Scoop Festival, Angers
The Special Jury Prize, « 36,4 », Scoop Festival, Angers

He curently lives and works in Paris.
For a more detailed resume, contact directly via this welsite.