Chapeau Yvonne

It was a sunny sunday morning, I discovered on a sidewalk several dozen boxes of slides and few prints. That disappeared person, whose heirs did not wish to keep the images, would she become the symbol of the agony of the photography or that of a model of society ? Agony for lack of attention, patience, culture, or the opposite moving rapidly towards a new cycle, the "recycling" cycle.
For a neophite, the value of an image is non-existent when it is neither signed nor famous. For an photographer, concepts of economy and interest have nothing in common in terms of value in the field of photography. In fact, they are much more connected to the ability to question, redefine and create.
Stappled together for the first time, these two thousand slides partially obscure the view of eighteen windows 50x130cm. They are only visible when the light passes through, forcing late visitors to any exhibition to come-back to discover them in order to confirm the Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s statement : "It takes time to learn to see."
One of the boxes was tagged : "Madame Y. Chapeau".